Sunday, November 8, 2009

*GRAND OPENING of Crafty Chick Creations Selling Blog*

Welcome Friends!
Thank you all for stopping in.
I'd like to take a moment to welcome you all to the
'Grand Opening'
of my
Crafty Chick Creations selling blog.
Previously, this blog was simply my Arts & Crafts blog for sharing my creations,
works in progress, DIY tutorials & spotlights of my favorite artists.
...and it unfortunately often took 2nd fiddle to my other 2 blogs
I will still be posting all that here, with the addition of my Art 4 Sale.
I love creating art from paper, fabric, pencils, paint
& many other mediums as well!
I am currently in the process of getting my ETSY shop up and running;
and I will be posting my 'Crafty Creations' here as well.
(Along with Pay Pal for purchasing items.)
I invite you all to take a look around & I appreciate any feedback you may have.
Please be kind- remember, I'm just starting out
& working on getting better photos, and working out any other 'kinks'.
Thanks again for visiting, and I look forward to your return. ~Danae * aka 'Crafty' *


  1. Oh, just love everything, Danae! Well, my vote goes to "Crafty Chick Creations", easy to remember and already your nick!

    Good luck on this new phase, I'm sure you'll sell a lot!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  2. i like crafty chick creations
    and i also think crafty chic creations is cute!!!

  3. I personally love "Crafty Chick Creations", and I love what you're doing!!

    If you want a jump in your business, I still have room for an item of yours in my December giveaway. Some of your friends are contributing, and it's a good way to start getting traffic. Feel free to take a look at my blog!

    Best of luck,