Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cute and Clever Ways to Store Your Small Craft Supplies

Eliminate your craft clutter with these easy and innovative ideas for stashing your embellishments, ribbons, scraps and tools. The designers at Better Homes & Gardens have once again come up with a bushel of notewothy projects that are both cute & clever. Pick their brains for ideas to your own craft storage dilemas.
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A shallow hanging cupboard provides plenty of storage for small craft items. Finials on the to help corral rolls of wrapping paper. Clear jars hold ribbons, beads, buttons and embellishments. To round up paper scraps, toss them into open top boxes; separated into general color categories.

A small tension rod is a clever way to add extra storage space to a short or narrow shelf. Thread spools of ribbon on for easy, tangle-free access.
Scissors, pens and paintbrushes can easily get lost in the shuffle when hidden in a drawer. Store similar tools together in clean, paper-wrapped cans. Not only are these cans functional; but they also add an easy ways to decorate your craft space.

To make a paper-wrapped tool can, simply measure the height and circumference of an empty, clean can. Cut a piece of paper per your measurements, adding 1/2" to the length for overlapping. Use double stick tape under the edges to secure the paper to the can. Use a hot glue gun to embellish with flowers, ribbons or buttons.

For a fun and functional twist, wrap several tool cans in co-ordinating patterned papers and stack in a pyramid shape. Use a hot glue gun to attach the cans to each other. When completely dry, set on a desktop or worktable for easy tool access. Use the same idea with gallon cans to store larger items.

Help your craft projects go more smoothly by organizing your most used tools in a durable craft
work box. With multiple trays, it will keep all of your tools or embellishments organized for easy and portable access.
Two hanging bars and six bins strategically placed, can turn an empty stretch of wall into 'craft storage central'. Hang the bins over a worktable to hold ribbons and trims; or over a desk to stash pens an pencils. Plus the plastic bins are colorful and washable.
Dress up the top of an industrial parts bin with scrap book paper cut to fit. Then, fill the containers with smaller objects, such as paper clips, tacks and rubber bands.

Replacement covers for outdoor sconce lights make ideal container cups for pens, pencils and paintbrushes. A less expensive and more Earth friendly version is to recycle jars that you already own. Some of my favorites to use, are spaghetti sauce jars and Starbucks Frappuccino bottles. They also make wonderful and decorative storage for all of the smaller embellishments, such as colorful buttons, beads, loose ribbon pieces and fabric flowers.
It is not hard to find crafty ways to spruce up and organize your craft space. Options are everywhere. All it takes is a fresh eye for viewing what may be traditionally used for something else...and a little imagination. In no time at all, your craft space can be transformed into a fresh and functional workspace that will inspire you to create.
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