Sunday, May 30, 2010

DIY: Wedding Favor & Decor Projects Made From Paper~ Part: 2

Because you want to thank those who come to wish you well on your wedding day, it's thoughtful to give each of your guests a small token of your appreciation. Friends and family will treasure these simple gifts thought up by the folks at Beter Homes & Gardens. With plenty of gorgeous scrapboook papers & products, it should be easy to find one you love. *
and there's a bonus: These pretty party favors can double as part of your reception decor.
Tiered Wedding Cake -(top photo)
Grouped together and tied with a ribbon, these paper boxes look like cakes. Display the favors on cake stands of various heights to dress up the cake table. Each "slice" box is filled with blue and white chocolate candies, but you could tuck in flower seeds, tiny cookies, candied fruits, a love poem, or a family recipe.
Candy Holder
Purchased papier-mache balls are painted and filled with candy message hearts. Or, visit to order M&M's in custom colors and messages.
Country Candy Container
Place delicious candies in this beautiful candy container that's cut and folded out of Anaglypta wallpaper.
Vellum Cone Wedding Project
Shower the bride and groom with bird seed that can be easily scooped up with these pretty vellum cones.
Wedding Candy Box FavorsGive your guests a piece of your cherished day in the form of these handmade keepsake containers.
Truffle Box Wedding Favors
Embellish a beautifully painted wood box with personalized paper tags and fill with truffles or an assortment of small gifts.
~The materials, patterns & instructions for each of these projects an be found at BHG.
Happy Crafting! ~Danae :)

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  1. These are great ideas! I love all the paper some diy wedding decorations / do-it-yourself wedding decorations. Glad I stumbled on this. Thanks for sharing!