Monday, March 30, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Myka Jelina


My name is Myka Jelina. My modern Gothic fantasy art, using elements like jewel-tone colors, tattoos,transcendent wings, fashion,hair style, heavy boots, bright faces with expressive eyes, is my contribution to the timeless mysteries of inspiration. Most of the gothic faery creatures I have painted have actual names. My artwork has been used on t-shirts, posters, body mists, air fresheners stickers and more. You probably have seen some of my work over the years in places like Hot Topic, Target, Hastings or just walking down the street. My favorite mediums are acrylic paints on masonite panel although I often work in a variety of media like colored pencil, watercolor charcoal, ink and digital. I hope they brighten your day while your passing through.



These are some of the beautiful faerie pieces by one of my all time favorite artists, Myka Jelina. I just cannot get enough of her art! I thought I had seen most of her work, but each time I go check out her site, I find more faeries that I haven’t seen before. And I go nuts over each one! She really has an amazing eye for detail, and such talent.

Myka Jelina is a 33 year old artist who lives in Missouri. Her shop can be found at MYKA She draws her “Dark Faeries”, as she calls them, mostly in Prisma Colors. Sometimes she uses acrylic paint. She draws all different kinds of faeries, with many types of wings. Some have dainty gossamer type wings, some have bat wings, butterfly, or wasp wings. Others are angels, with feathery wings. She also does Goddesses, genies and mermaids. They all have a different style of dress too. Most of them fall somewhere in the Gothic/ Punk/ Rocker chick genre . All of her creations have a name. And all have a vibe and look of their own. She sells prints and posters of her art., and also has many other variations on her pieces. You can now find them as tatoo flash art, on the cover of little pocket compact mirrors, Artist Trading Cards and recently even on her own line of jewelery. She also sells some of her paintings framed in elaborate frames. I’m telling you, these frames are so beautiful and ornate on their own, that I would buy them even if they didn’t have one of her paintings in them! She is a truly amazing artist. One that you will be seeing more of on my art blog, and my Crafty’s Cup blog.

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