Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crafty Chick Update

Hello all of my crafty friends. I hope everyone has been enjoying their first official weekend of Spring. I know that me and my family sure are! We have had a busy week (as usual!), and are enjoying the end of a fun and relaxing weekend. The kid’s had two different play dates, one on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday. Then on Saturday evening, we visited with my folks, and spent the night at their house. (Well, they did…Mama stayed up most of the night typing up posts while I had free use of my Dad’s internet connection!) Then, after rushing to wake up early, and get to JD’s 8 AM T-Ball game, Mom got the call that it was cancelled due to a wet baseball diamond. Since we were already up, dressed and out; the Kids, my Father and I all went out for breakfast. (My absolute favorite weekend treat!) So, now, I am just catching up on some laundry, and again madly typing away, preparing posts, while I have the free net access. All in all, a very nice weekend. I hope everyone else’s was as good!
Now, for the Art World side of things. I have good news. It looks as if I am going to be able to get a Pay Pal Account pretty quick now! YAY! You don’t know this; but I have been DYING to get my stuff up on ETSY. For a loooong time now. So this is a big deal for me. It will be even bigger once it is done, and I can start selling my work.
Aside from that; this week saw the completion of my two first swap projects for Swap Bot. (And yes, I was late.) I am really hoping that my nice artwork, and the extra goodies I added to them will help soften my lateness. I made each of them a four page Paper Bag Book, with three pockets inside. The theme of the books were Friendship. I will try to get a few good photos before I mail them out. Then I made a matching refrigerator magnet, and six slices of stationary that matched each Ladie’s book. I threw in a few stickers for each, and I think I may add some tea bags and a pouch of flavored hot cocoa, or something to sweeten it up even more. (I feel like such a louse to be late like this…but I really had a whammy of a week, and it all caught up to me. When I had to decide which ball to drop, the swap got the drop!) I think that from now on, I am going to make a bunch of cards, books and other stuff to have on hand for swaps. I have even started a box for the cute stuff that people have given me in the past. Stuff that doesn’t quite fit my personality, but easily could be treasure for someone new. So, just like with blogging, I am figuring all of this out little by little. Maybe my first swap didn’t go so well, I will be sure to be ready for them next time!
I will also be getting some saleable items made up and photographed, to put on ETSY. I really cannot wait! So I had better get busy crafting up some new items. It’s a good thing that I have a lot of ideas and I love to craft. Otherwise I would probably draw a blank when it actually came time to create something.
Luckily I find inspiration all around me. My only problem is that I have TOO many ideas, and TOO much inspiration! I get excited to move onto a new project before the old one is finished. Then I get a whole bunch of them all going at the same time. Not conducive to productivity. It is something that I always working on…overcoming, or getting a grip on my Artists’ ADD. When I make a breakthrough I will be sure to let you all know! Until then…
Have a truly inspiring week!
~Danae, the Crafty Chick

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