Thursday, March 12, 2009

Swap Bot...the place to swap!

Hello All! I wanted to tell you all about a wonderful site that I recently joined, called SWAP BOT. This is a place for people who love to barter. It could be anything from books, blogs, coffee or tea, handmade items or store bought. You join groups related to your interests or hobbies; and then you take part in various swaps. Such a great idea anytime, but especially in this time of tightening belts!
I know what some of you may be thinking...what about shipping and handling costs, or even more common...why would I bother to send something to somebody else; when I can just buy it and keep it for myself? How do I know they won't send me something that I really don't want?
Well, as far as the posting costs; you can choose what to send, it can be as heavy or light as you decide you have the resources for. The point of the swap, is to send and receive little surprises through the computer, or mail. Sure you can always buy things for yourself; but how special is it to open a package meant for you, when it isn't your birthday or Christmas? As for getting something that you don't want, there is always that possibility; but the risk is much less than one would think, due to picking your own groups and swaps, and also a profile list of things you care for & want, and those you don't. There is always the chance that you could send out a package and get nothing in return; but there are also swap ratings, and if someone doesn't have good ratings, or a history of swap flaking, they are prohibited in taking part. They do a nice job of weeding out the people who don't play by the rules.
So for those of us that love snail mail, and making gifts for others as much as receiving them...this is a wonderful place! In fact, so wonderful, that I have 2 swaps due to be shipped tomorrow...and that means 2 packages coming in the mail for me too! One is a Favorite Color swap, and the other is a Profile Surprise, (something that I said that I would want). I recently took part in a Blog Swap, and when these are over, I am taking part in a Handmade Tarot Card Swap. Oooooh, so exciting! There are postcard, ATC, DVD, Holiday themed and many other swaps to take part in. The biggest dilema is choosing one!
So now, I need to stop writing about them; and get to finishing them, so they can go out in the mail manana! Yay!

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  1. I had joined this site a year or so ago and had a number of really bad experiences. People not sending items according to the rules or particular Swap and some people not sending anything at all! I hope you have only positive experiences (I know a number of people who have had very positive experiences) but I definitely only swap with bloggy buddies I know now.