Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some More Of My Art To Share With You

These are some more of my drawings. They are some o my older ones, done in 1996 and 1998. Definitely some of my favorites.

The one on the top left is a desert sheild that I drew after a trip to Arizona. This was from my sketchbook, and I copied it onto nice white cardstock. I made sets of cards to sell from a few of the sketchbook drawings. (The top right one was also a part of this set.) This card set was the first of my peices to be made into greeting cards. I do them much differently now, less drawing, and more paper crafting. Little did I know then that cards would become one of my main sellers of my art.
The top right is another one of my favorite designs. Owls are one of my totem animals, and I have found myself drawing them over and over for many years now. Trees have been another one of my signature designs. I used to lay underneath them, and draw them, trying to capture thedfferent textures and leaf structures. However, they always turn out looking more cartoonish that realistic. Oh, well; we all have our own styles, and I guess that is one of mine.

The middle picture is of a very lage drawn that I made of the Forest God, and the Earth Goddess. I did it in pointelism, which is a series of dots placed close together, or far apart to acheive the ligt and dark shading. (And yes, it did take a long time!) I wish that I could take credit for the actual design of this one. owever it is something that I drew, using another person's art as a model. I was yearning for some good art to hang on the wall of my living room. I knew that I couldn't afford t go out and buy the I recreated what I wanted myself. It has become a beloved peice, that hangs in a prominent spot in any house I live in.

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  1. Ooh, I wish the pictures were bigger! They look good but I can't make out the details.