Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey all you Crafty Folks!

Welcome to my new blog- Crafty Chick Creations. I am so happy that you have found me, and I hope you take the time to check back periodically, as I add new information, fun projects, how-to tutorials, spotlights on my favorite artists, (both old and new), can't live without supplies and all kinds of other crafty goodness.
Please bear with me here in the beginning, as I am still in the start up phase. But, I am sure we will be chugging along in no time! If any of you out there, have any fabulous ideas or comments that you would like to share, or you just want to say Hi! and let me know who my readers are...jump on in at any time. That is what makes these things even more interesting.

Here is a little peek into who I am, and what I would like to see this blog turn into. I am 33 years old , an Artist and a Crafter, a Massage Therapist, and an At Home Mommy to 2 Amazing and Rambunctious Little Kids. I have been creating some form of art since I could get my chubby, little fingers around a crayon; and I do or have done almost every craft under the sun. Currently I work a lot in Paper Crafts, Altered Art and Home Decor. I also love to make reconstructed clothing. In the past, I have created everything from traditional and freestyle embroidery, to soaps and candles; with a whole lot in between. I also have had the pleasure of teaching other crafters, both personally, and thru the few classes that I have been honored to teach. I hope there will be many more in my future!

I hope to bring a variated plethora of interesting crafts, and useful tidbits to you all. This blog is many things to me. It is a Crafter's Cyber Journal; a way to record and share the projects that I have done, or that interest me, as well as a place to explore new crafts that I may be unfamiliar with. I hope to use this as a meeting ground, where other interested crafters can share their latest projects and ideas for future one's. I know that in time, it will be all these things and more.

And, since it is all brought to you by this one, crafty little mama...I better get started. Enough about me, and on to the crafts!

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